a bit about Z

Zeniba Now is a mull-tee-high-fuh-nit artist from Los Angeles, CA.

She uses the stage and film as her primary mediums. 

     As a writer, her work has been featured and produced by PBS, The Public Theater, The American Theater Wing, and Dramatist Magazine. She writes the Book & Bars for THE LOOPHOLE (The Public Theater) a new musical that is really good and just won a really big fancy award! You can learn more about it by clicking here --> #liberatoryscifi

     Her first, and last, solo show “iQuit: Millennial Retirement Gala” was filmed Live at GreenRoom42 and will be released on Youtube. The first four videos are out now! --> #retire


     As a performer, Zeniba’s singing and acting has taken her around the world. She has performed at The Public Theater, WP Theater, Caveat, Joe’s Pub, Theater Raleigh, Theater by The Sea, GoodSpeed Opera House, and more.  You can view various performances over here --> #estrella


LIVE at Bowery Electric with Tony & The Kiki