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Musical Storyteller & Artscientist.

An ongoing exploration of the line between speaking and singing, and how this shift in frequency determines audience and perceived genre.


musical  -  THE LOOPHOLE (The Public Theater) Richard Rodgers’ Award Winning New Musical w/ Jay Adana

live performance & interview  - New York Theater Barn New Works Series - THE LOOPHOLE  

play - HUMAN RESOURCES  (Woolly Mammoth, St. Louis Rep) w/ The Telephonic Literary Union 

song -  “Stay on the Line” from HUMAN RESOURCES, song for those on hold w/ Teddy Roxpin avail on streaming 

musical variety show -  iQUIT: MILLENNIAL RETIREMENT GALA w/ Rodney Bush 

television - PBS "The Great American Read" (no shade) discussion & song Ep 5 Villians & Monsters - Beloved

song & interview - “Upgrade” Vivace Award Presentation of VERA, a sci-fi musical w/ Jay Adana

live musical short - BELOVED at Rafael Casal & Daveed Diggs' #BARS at The Public, verse-driven experimental lab w/Jay Adana

song - “Some Vampires” a queer halloween thirst trap w/ Rodney Bush avail on streaming 

podcast - "Retiring from the BS w/ Zeniba Now" Black theatermakers on Felicia Fitzpatrick's Call & Response 

musical parody short - Michelle Obama in Erin Maya's "We Birth The Nation" HAMILTON parody 2016 election 

poem - "The Gavel Bangs" 

Queer Nun.

The consciousness of the planet is rising through individual and collective growth, these offerings are shared with the intention of fostering the energy of global healing.

podcast - guest on Britt Dorazio's Sipping Sovereign Tea speaking on "Intentional Observation"

zoom panel and talk - Flock Talk conversation on value setting & technology w/ Lim Violet & Francis Agyapong

songs & events - Wholly Chill LIVE- meditative improvs for practicing chill w/ Rodney Bush

song & music video - "The Nap Anthem" rest bitch! song & video w/ Fatuma Adar, Teddy Roxpin, & Clear Mortifee avail on streaming 

v Stewpid  

intentionally stewpid. 

audio - "ASMR: Tax Return"

song - "She Seems Nice" ft rap on Fatuma Adar's comedy song 

shorts- Yelpback web series, real honest yelp reviews w/ Seasoned Vegan