On September 20th, 2019 I performed a show at GreenRoom 42 in NYC called iQuit: Millennial Retirement Gala.

Many people have asked, do you still work?  The answer is yes. In fact, you should hire me. This is millennial retirement there is no social security, I work...

 So what exactly did you quit?  


Key Points of Millennial Retirement 


  1. iQuit competing. As a retiree, I actively seek to loosen my sense of competition. 

  2. iQuit delaying pleasure or rest. As a retiree, my work is not more important than my relationships, physical health, or fun. I have already put in my “work,” I am instantly worthy. 

  3. iQuit ignoring my inner voice. I am free to follow curiousity over resume building. If source, calls me to start a queer art house in Berlin, to build sculptures in Hawaii, to join a cult. This is the work. And this is my life. 

 Inspirations! The Law of Attraction by Jerry and Ester Hicks, Pleasure Activism by adrienne marie brown, Marina Abramovic's words in "Arts Meets Science & Spirituality in A Changing Economy," and The Nap Ministry.