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You can stream "The Nap Anthem" now on all platforms and watch the music video!

Watch videos from her variety show "iQuit: Millennial Retirement Gala" with new releases through 2020.

Learn more about her musical, "The Loophole" which just won The 2020 Richard Rodgers Award from The American Academy of Arts and Letters. VERY FANCY!

Coming soon! Zeniba Is currently enjoying her retirement by writing and developing the pilot to SLAYED w/WŌC’s Ayvee Verzonilla. Featuring music by Zeniba Now, Ayvee Verzonilla, Rodney Bush, and Grammy Award Winner BARZ MAKES BANGERS. Halloween drops coming October 2020!

In July, Zeniba will be virtually attending her 2nd year at Urban Bush Women Summer Leadership Institute to learn antiracism, embody liberation and strengthen the impact and message of her work to lead to the advancement of Black Women and society. 

Zeniba has been vegan for 8 years, she LOVES it. It is vital to her embodiment of a better world. She has endless love for her chosen family at Seasoned Vegan in Harlem, where you can get the BEST vegan soul food in the world!!! This Black owned business is central to her understanding of revolutionary community.  As a creative digital marketer at Seasoned Vegan for the last five years, Zeniba has cocreated content with over 65 million views and coordinated shoots with The New York Times, Huffpost, Buzzfeed, INSIDER, The Humane League and many more. 


Zeniba Now is a mull-tee-high-fuh-nit artist from Los Angeles, CA.

She uses the stage and film as her primary mediums. 

musical storyteller & artscientist  

  Winner of the 2020 Richard Rodgers Award for THE LOOPHOLE!  

LIVE at Bowery Electric with Tony & The Kiki